3D Sky Event: First Ever live 3D Transmission

This evening , for the first time , football fans will have the opportunity to watch the first 3D live transmission of Arsenal London with Manchester U.Sky Television thank their costumers by placing 3D displays in nine pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin. Sky promises to broadcast a weekly 3D Premier League game to hundreds more pubs this spring due to the fast expansion of  3D TVs market. A good news for the 3D fans from UK : Sky Television will brings a new 3D area for costumers by creating a 3D TV channel. So you will be able to watch your favorites shows, sports , music or movies in a 3D format thanks to Sky 3D technology.

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3D LCD Shutter Glasses

What are LCD shutter glasses ?

3D LCD Shutter Glasses are glasses used in conjunction with a display screen to create the illusion of a three dimensional image, an example of stereoscopy. Glass containing liquid crystal and a polarizing filter has the property that it becomes dark when voltage is applied, but otherwise is transparent. The glasses are controlled by an IR, RF, DLP-Link or Bluetooth transmitter that sends timing signal. The glasses alternately darken over one eye, and then the other, in synchronization with the refresh rate of the screen, while the display alternately displays different perspectives for each eye, using a technique called Alternate-frame sequencing.

3D DLP (Digital Light Processing)

3D DLP (Digital Light Processing)

In 2007, Texas Instruments introduced stereo 3-D capable DLP solutions to its OEMs, and Samsung and Mitsubishi have introduced the first 3-D ready televisions. Such solutions utilize the inherent speed advantage of the Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD) to sequentially generate the left and right views required for stereoscopic imaging.

DLP 3-D technology uses the SmoothPicture algorithm, which compacts two L/R views into a single frame by using a checkerboard pattern, only requiring a standard 1080p60 resolution for stereoscopic transmission to the TV. The device re-generates two independent views for the left and right eyes and interpolates the missing pixels in each frame using the quincunx sampling algorithm. The claimed advantage of this solution is increased spatial resolution, unlike other methods which cut vertical or horizontal resolution in half.

Convert 2D photos to 3D format

How to convert 2D to 3D format? 

There are several programs that allows you to create 3D photos or videos from original 2D format. In this post I present you one program that offers you these option,it is named: 3DCombine. Practicaly ,you will be able to combine 2D pictures shots one by one ( one for left eye and another for the right eye) and save the output result in any format you want.

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